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Anthea Cattarossi

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Anthea Cattarossi

Goldsmith Artist

In my experience, it is impossible for a jeweller to propose something truly innovative without knowing and possessing the expressive techniques and methods of creation of the artisans who preceded us. Only when students have acquired the skills and technical dexterity will they be able to create their own personal style and develop something truly new and innovative. –Anthea Cattarossi

Laboratories tutoring:

Goldsmith Laboratories | Engraving | Stone-Setting


Anthea was born in Florence and currently works there as a goldsmith, teaching Italians and foreigners this beautiful art. She attended various schools and acquired many years of experience directly in workshops, where she learnt the true art of Florentine jewellery making.

Anthea specializes in engraving and stone setting and the pieces she creates are all personally designed, set and engraved according to the ancient Tuscan techniques. After having created her own jewellery brand, every year she produces various collections that can be found on her website.