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Joshua Cosimo

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Joshua Cosimo

Textile Designer

I believe that we are bridges between today and tomorrow. There is a de-facto discussion being had about what we cherish as a culture and what we leave behind: a life spent in reflection on the future motivates us to realize what being human really signifies. Art and culture is every day, it is what we wear, where we live, and what we eat. We are entitled to a vastness of beauty as our birthright. A continuing cycle of evolving and devolving: life on earth, ever changing. After millennia of cosmopolitan decorative standards, we are being presented with a unique opportunity to develop a new vernacular in the world of visual art. A conversation between thought and medium. Creator and creation. In mimicking nature in our creative process we can project the future, what is to come within the world of organic fluidity. -Joshua Cosimo

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Raised in Texas, Joshua completed a BFA in 2004 and then began a nomadic life, completing his training in visual arts, painting and textile design. First as a professional mural painter in New York and then, in 2005, as creative director for a clothing label in Florence. A student at Fuji Art Studio, he has worked as a stylist with important suppliers and experts in many “Made in Italy” fashion houses.

In recent years, he has taught screen printing between Florence and Punta del Este. This experience between the rural Latin American world and the city of Florence, cradle of art and the Renaissance, has certainly made his work draw strongly on the interaction between decorative arts and nature. His goal is to build a codex of decorative elements and patterns to pass on to future generations. By imparting this mission to his students, he encourages them to develop a design vocabulary that is radically individualistic but firmly and historically placed.