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What they say about us

Mi chiamo Fernando González e sono laureato in Storia dell'Arte all'Università di Oviedo, in Spagna. Dopo aver studiato fotografa con Gloria Marco, ho lavorato come fotografo professionista, ed anche sporadicamente come insegnante di fotografa, fno all 2018, momento in cui ho deciso di dedicarmi a tempo pieno alla formazione. Attualmente lavoro come professore di fotografa e comunicazione visiva presso ESNE Asturias, University School. Cosa posso dire di Gloria? La verità è che è stata una grande fortuna per me incontrare una persona come lei all'inizio della mia carriera. Grazie a lei ho ottenuto la base di cui avevo bisogno per potermi dedicare alla mia passione, la fotografa. Mi ha insegnato i fondamenti principali, facendomi capire l'importanza di avere una buona base tecnica che permetta di esprimere la creatività al 100%. Lei è stata la fgura principale della mia carriera professionale. Quindi tutto quello che posso dire è grazie.

Fernando González

During my stone setting course I simultaneously attended an individual engraving course with Anthea and I was fully satisfied with her clarity, patience and ability to make you love a fantastic technique.

Hu Jenny, Shanghai

I came to Italy to learn not only a new technique, but also a new style and a new cultural perception that would allow me to expand my creativity. Anthea is an excellent teacher and she helped me develop my style starting from the basics of the engraving of the old Florentine artisans.

Lakisha M., Buffalo, U.S.A.

I would like to share my experience in Florence where I attended a very interesting engraving course with a particularly dedicated and attentive teacher. Even though the group consisted of 6 people I was followed individually and the results, thanks to Anthea, were excellent!

David B., California, U.S.A.

After finishing my B.F.A. in the United States I began to look for International alternatives to traditional masters programs. I found Kathleen Knippel and Fuji Studios in 2005 and began a two year certificate program in January 2006, freedom that the Textile Printing Programs offered was a good fit with my artistic sensibilities. Beginning the course studies with an emphasis on artistic applications my work gradually evolved into a fully developed and complementary artistic practice. With Kathies guidance and integrative teaching methods I completed the two year certificate with a strong foundation to further develop my own endeavours. I continue to use the techniques developed in her courses in my profession to this day. Skill sets I acquired under her tutelage are only a fraction of her vast knowledge base. She is a true master of her artform, and anyone looking to add to their artistic toolbox would benefit immensely from her instruction.

My name is Jingru Xie , I am Chinese , And I studied jewelry design with Luisella arrais in 2017,2018。This is a very happy study .She is a teacher who cultivates students' jewelry design skills. With her you can learn jewelry and jewelry design 3DRhino. Enjoy this courses is been very useful for me. Today I have, my own jewelry studio in China, I am responsible for the design and painting of jewelry and we work with Rhino3D and CAD programs to make pieces of wax that need to be worked. Of course, sometimes we also have to sculpt pieces of wax. I have made works and sales are mainly in China also in different countries. I think it is a good decision to study under the tutor Luisa Arrais, so I know how to design jewelry, color combinations and how to make them. Good school and Luisella Arrais is a great teacher.

Jingru Xie

Get on board and become an artisan in the heart of Florence!

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