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Location: Florence, Italy

Florence, Tuscany the cradle of the Renaissance

The historical Florentine site emerged in the 18th century as a cultural space where sculptors, painters, artists and artisans met and worked. It was later home to the Fuji art studio, continuing the artistic activity.

Laboratorio Firenze has now reclaimed this space to preserve the long-held artistic and artisan traditions.

On a global level, Florence represents a unique historical model: here concentrated in a small urban space are the most important artistic and architectural works of one of the most fascinating moments in human history, the Renaissance.

As you know, in this city, the passage from Gothic to Renaissance art developed, step by step, involving every aspect of human life, from painting and sculpture to architecture, with results that leave visitors full of amazement.

What is most surprising is the simplicity and humility with which the great artists worked at that time, as simple artisans. Perfectly aware of the extreme importance of manual skill, the technical mastery of expression and form, in other words the hard work of the workshop. Those great Renaissance craftsmen succeeded in leaving mankind with works of universal symbolic value.

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Art & Craftsmanship Capital of Italy

Being able to study and practice the “art of craftsmanship” in a similar context with Laboratorio Firenze, means opening the doors to a future full of creativity, capable of anticipating styles, sensibilities, perceptions and visions.

This is why the city of Florence has and will always attract creative talents – in any field – to experience its unique history and culture.

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