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Online Courses

These online courses have been developed to give you the freedom to realize your projects from home or wherever you may choose. You will be able, for example, to learn some fabric printing techniques or to create pieces of jewelry using the wax, engraving or even stone-setting techniques. Thanks to this online training, you will be able to give shape to even the most exceptional ideas.

These courses are aimed at anyone interested in creating a project using traditional manual techniques and are dedicated to those who already have experience in these areas but also those simply interested in learning a new profession.

You will be closely followed by one of our tutors who will always be on hand to answer any doubts or questions you may have.

If afterwards you wish to further develop your studies and skills, you will always have the chance to enrol in one of our on-site laboratories. Your works will make the difference and will become a tribute to Florentine craftsmanship.