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Our Laboratories

Our workshops are designed to offer various accredited degree programs.

Laboratorio Firenze offers yearly, 2 and 3-year programs as well as weekly, monthly or half-yearly workshops. The workshops are created to be held from 6 to 9 hours per week but can also be intensive (21 hours per week).

The intensive programme was created to accommodate participants wishing to achieve a professional level of work in the chosen field of research and training, and thus be able to work in the textile, jewellery or fashion industry.

Three different levels are offered (Beginner I & II, Intermediate and Advanced). Each student will be closely followed at their own pace in order to encourage freedom of expression and the development of their creative style.

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Textile Printing

These Laboratories explore the practical applications of the printing and design process in fashion and how they can be applied to actual product development.


Perfect for experimentation with all the most commonly used settings in jewellery making. This course is aimed at the acquisition of knowledge on the use of tools and stones with the various methods and setting types.


These laboratories are aimed at all those interested in the world of textiles applied to fashion, seen as artistic expression.

Analog Photography

Students will carry out practical work on the process of developing black and white films, from the preparation of chemicals to darkroom printing on photographic paper.


In these laboratories, participants acquire the necessary skills for the development of paintings, drawings, as well as artist books, improving their artistic skills in a contemporary context. Studying with traditional methods and understanding the influence of the classics on contemporary art.