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About Us

Our Objective

To train students in the various disciplines so they acquire the artistic knowledge necessary to create their own works using artisan techniques.

All within a historic common space that encourages the exchange of ideas and collective projects between the different arts, emphasizing the know-how and creativity of individuals.

Each student is closely supervised by his or her tutor, from the very start until the completion of their project and the final realization of the work. Under the tutor’s guidance, students are encouraged to explore their highest levels of creativity in a contemporary context in Florence, the cradle of the Renaissance.

Our Mission

Laboratorio Firenze is a space for research and experimentation.

The aim and purpose of this intercultural space is the free dialogue between artists and their works.

A journey through the history of applied arts and fashion.

The multiplicity of disciplines are united by the same spirit, namely that of transmitting and communicating.

Without barriers and preconceptions to give shape to a choreography, like an epic poem in a prologue.


Venice Biennale


Don’t forget to use your digits! Your hands are the original digital devices.
Linda Barry


Laboratorio Firenze is a space created by artists for artists, on the forms of expression they suggest, the doubts they raise, the means of expression they choose.

Our objective is to create a place in which to promote deeper understanding, discussion and reflection.


If you have two or three real passions, don’t feel like you have to pick and choose between them. Don’t discard. Keep all your passions in your life.
Steven Tomlinson in the book “Steal Like an Artist” by Austin Kleon


At Laboratorio Firenze, we believe that the work must involve the majority of the senses. Feeling the project in your hands makes something magical occur. It will feel like play, not work.

You need to find a way to bring your body into your work.
Our nerves aren’t a one-way street – our bodies can tell our brains as much as our brains tell our bodies.


We need to move, to feel like we are making something with our bodies, not just our heads. Work that only comes from the head isn’t any good.
Austin Kleon

At Laboratorio Firenze, we want to instil a positive and progressive energy in young artists inspired by those whose work has been lost or forgotten.

Get on board and

Become an artisan in the heart of Florence!

Open Day

Laboratorio Firenze is envisaged as a space for research and experimentation.

For us, it’s very important that you get to know us. For this reason, we offer you the opportunity to come and meet us. It will be a pleasure to show you our classrooms and show you in person how we work and how we stand out. Please book your visit here. We look forward to welcoming you!

The Open day will be held every Wednesday from 10am to 5pm.

Don’t hesitate to contact us! We’d love
to meet you!

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