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Color Techniques in the renaissance

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Color Techniques in the renaissance

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Studying Art at Laboratorio

The laboratories of Art are designed for students wishing to focus on Color Techniques in the renaissance.

In these laboratories, you will work in a stimulating training environment where creativity, innovation, originality and excellence are encouraged and developed.

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Why choose this course at Laboratorio Firenze?

As perhaps you know, Florence is the most important cities in the history of Renaissance, both in Italy and in Europe, and boasts the best artist in the world. Artist as Michelangelo, Raffaello, Leonardo Da Vinci as many others. The Renaissance is born in Florence, its technique and it colours our unique, now you have the chance to learn all about it, in the hearts of Florence.

You will be able to visit and participate in laboratories where get the experience that has been followed for centuries and you can learn the techniques to develop professionally and position yourself among the best.

As well as being the cradle of the Renaissance, Florence has a worldwide reputation in the world of fashion and art, perfectly intertwining tradition, contemporaneity and modernity.

You will even have the possibility, in different phases of the course, to work in a company or organization in this field, collaborating with them and developing business projects where you will acquire the necessary experience to organize events focused on the exhibition of your works.

You will learn traditional and modern techniques, studying the different techniques and their distinguished masters. You will share a unique space with artists from different disciplines where you can discuss ideas and projects.

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Laboratory Details

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Material included

Tutor: Valentina Genovali

Workshop duration: Weekends

Course Description

During this course you will learn the techniques to create the renaissance ancient colors from pigments as the master painters did
This experience wants to take you back in time. Exactly in the Florence of the Renaissance, when artists such as Michelangelo or Leonardo painted their works with the typical colors of their era. In this workshop you will learn the techniques that characterized Renaissance, you will know the colors that made up the most important works.

Content Introduction

The course is divided in 2 sections: Theoretical and practical.
You will learn the tempera technique and learn how to grind colors, prepare supports and spread the color by performing the various tonal gradations.

– The colors used in the Renaissance: the color palette used in the main paintings of the Italian Renaissance
– Analysis of a painting by a Renaissance artist: the color palette, the meaning of the colors and the origin of the pigments used
– The various painting techniques used and the technical differences: fat tempera, an tempera, oil.

On the analyzed painting, the colors will be created with the technique used by the artist.
We will start from the preparation of the support that will be used to paint our color backgrounds.
The pigments will be ground with the binder.

Once the colors have been prepared, a tonal scale (from shadows to highlights) will be created by mixing the chosen color with white and black.


There are no prerequisites for this course.


All the materials needed for this course are supplied:

– Pigment powders

– Steel spatulas

– Ox hair or synthetic brushes

– Substrates (cloth board, wooden boards, canvas)

– Emulsion: egg, linseed oil, demineralized water

– Glass jars for emulsion

– Glass plate or plexiglass to dilute the colors

– Printed image of selected painting

– Turpentine

– Cotton rags

Goals and Objectives

Students completing this course will:

  • Learn the various techniques used in the Renaissance
  • Recognize the colors, their meaning and the origin of the pigments.
  • Prepare colors with the tempera technique and experiment with the painting technique.

Available dates

JUNE: 13-17-20-25-29

JULY: 1-2-8-9-15-16-22-23-27-29-30

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