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Jennifer Wells

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Jennifer Wells

Goldsmith Artist

I encourage my students to develop a high level of appreciation for craftsmanship and innovative curiosity. My goal is to teach both technical and conceptual skills at the same time. Only in this way will they be able to develop and mature their own creations and have the tools not only to find the solutions, but also to ask the right questions. -Jennifer Wells

Laboratories tutoring:

Hot and cold enamel


With an MFA from the University of East Carolina, Greenville, North Carolina, Jennifer completed her artistic studies at Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts in Gatlinburg, TN, Pocosin Arts in Columbia, NC and the Jentel Foundation, WY.

She teaches at several US-based art schools, is a member of the Vita Institute’s Board of Directors, teaches fire enamel and metallurgical techniques in Europe and currently curates numerous international jewellery and enamel exhibitions. Her works can be found at the Enamel Arts Foundation, Racine Museum and in private collections.