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Yuko Inagawa

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Yuko Inagawa


Through our course, students will learn the fundamental basics of the goldsmith’s art: fretwork, filing and welding. In addition to this, I invite students to develop and realize their own artistic expression through original images, feeling the enjoyment and appreciation of learning and continuing this spirit beyond the confines of the school, for the rest of their lives. –Yuko Inagawa


Born in Japan, Yuko moved to Florence in 1993. Here she began assisting important craftsmen and goldsmiths, learning techniques including metal working, wax (microfusion, low and full-relief modelling), design, cold enamel, pearl threading, 2D design for laser work, cutting, engraving and 3D drawing.

In 1996, Yuko opened her own atelier and started working for important jewellery companies, creating models for Tiffany & Co, Coccinella, Pineider and realizing works for many artists. Since then, she has taught jewellery making and wax modelling. She also published the book “Masters of the Goldsmith’s Art in Tuscany” and has collaborated with Japanese newspapers. She has taken part in many exhibitions in different Florentine art galleries and in prestigious locations such as the gallery of Palazzo Medici Riccardi, Palazzo dei Priori in Volterra and Casa Benvenuto Cellini in Vicchio, among many others.