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Experimental Techniques

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Analogue photography: Experimental techniques

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Studying Textile Printing at Laboratorio

The photography workshops are designed for students wishing to learn and experiment with the language of photography in order to develop their portfolio with their own images.

In these laboratories, you will work in a stimulating training environment where creativity, innovation, originality and excellence are encouraged and developed.

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Why choose this course at Laboratorio Firenze?

Florence is home to the oldest company in the world still operating in the field of photography and image communication, the historic Fratelli Alinari photographic archive. Their collection of over 5,000,000 photographs documents the history of Florence, Italy and the world from the mid-19th century to the present day.

In Florence, it is possible to visit this huge collection and learn the most refined 19th century artisan techniques, such as direct contact printing from original glass plates and collotype.

Florence, as well as being the cradle of the Renaissance, has a long tradition and reputation in the world of art and cultural events, proposing prestigious exhibitions that perfectly intertwine past and present.

As long as there are places available and you have been accepted, you can start at the beginning of the month or mid-month at any time of the year. During the lessons, you will be followed by your tutor at the necessary pace depending on your level at the start of the course. No more than 10 participants per tutor are allowed in each class.

This experience will allow you to apply all the photographic techniques acquired, both printing and shooting, to your final photobook.

You will share a unique space with artists from different disciplines where you can discuss ideas and projects.

In this course, you will acquire everything you need to develop a professional photography portfolio that will allow you to enter the world of art and work.

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Laboratory Details

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Material included

Tutor: Gloria Marco Munuera

All our courses are personalized.

Your tutors will assist you with care and dedication, clarifying any doubts you may have and following at your own pace.

A maximum of 10 students per course allows us to best follow your technical and artistic evolution.

Courses are held on:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
In the morning: from 9,00 to 12,00
In the afternoon: from 13,00 to 16,00 or from 17,00 to 20,00

Laboratory Description

You like photography and you want to understand more about traditional experimental techniques? Then this workshop is for you! Students will create unique images by literately ‘drawing with light’. You will learn about Photograms, how to achieve the Sabatier effect and giving to your own Black and White images an old sepia tone. This course will show you the theory and practice of different experimental techniques within photography.


Students are advised to bring their own Black and White prints to tone and negatives in order to achieve a ‘solarised’ photographic effect. Negative examples will also be provided for students to practice with. All other materials will be provided by the school and included in the price of workshop.
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