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Gleb Shtyrmer

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Gleb Shtyrmer


“I think all good courses have one thing in common; they give students the ability to do something they couldn’t do before. I always build my courses with that clear objective in mind. Here in the Laboratorio, we go deeper into painting and drawing methods, laying the foundation for future artistic growth. Florence is a great playground for this purpose. No other city in the world offers this artistic richness, which has served as inspiration throughout the history of art to so many classical, contemporary and modern masters. A luxury to be enjoyed.” – Gleb Shtyrmer


Born in the Ukraine in 1984 and raised in Israel. Gleb Shtyrmer has lived in Italy since 2010. He defines himself as a modern Renaissance man.

He masters a variety of artistic and technical disciplines. In his courses he perfectly combines tradition and innovation with multimedia content.

He holds an MFA in painting from the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence and a degree in engineering from Tel Aviv University.

He currently works actively as an artist, designer and teacher in various institutions.

His works of art are in private and public collections in Italy, Russia, Israel, USA and the UK.