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Renaissance Painting Techniques

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Renaissance Painting Techniques

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Studying Art at Laboratorio

The laboratories of Art are designed for students wishing to focus on the renaissance’s painting techniques

In these laboratories, you will work in a stimulating training environment where creativity, innovation, originality and excellence are encouraged and developed.

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Why choose this course at Laboratorio Firenze?

As perhaps you know, Florence is the most important cities in the history of Renaissance, both in Italy and in Europe, and boasts the best artist in the world. Artist as Michelangelo, Raffaello, Leonardo Da Vinci as many others. The Renaissance is born in Florence, its technique and it colours our unique, now you have the chance to learn all about it, in the hearts of Florence.

You will be able to visit and participate in laboratories where get the experience that has been followed for centuries and you can learn the techniques to develop professionally and position yourself among the best.

As well as being the cradle of the Renaissance, Florence has a worldwide reputation in the world of fashion and art, perfectly intertwining tradition, contemporaneity and modernity.

You will even have the possibility, in different phases of the course, to work in a company or organization in this field, collaborating with them and developing business projects where you will acquire the necessary experience to organize events focused on the exhibition of your works.

You will learn traditional and modern techniques, studying the different techniques and their distinguished masters. You will share a unique space with artists from different disciplines where you can discuss ideas and projects.

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Tutor: Gleb Shtyrmer

Laboratory Description

This course introduces participants to a wide range of painting and drawing methods used in Italy and throughout Europe during the Renaissance, covering all the stages of production of a finished artwork: making of a preparatory drawing, preparation of the support, making an underdrawing, gilding, preparation of colours and tools, methodology of paint application, etc.

To deepen students’ understanding of Renaissance painting methods, practical studio work is accompanied by the reading of historical documents such as painting treaties, recipes and critical texts, as well as museum visits where the different approaches of the greatest masters can be observed in person and discussed.

On successful completion of this course, students will be able to develop their own artworks (drawings and paintings) with methods and techniques similar to those of the famous Florentine painters such as Botticelli, Michelangelo, Ghirlandaio, Giotto and others.

Main topics:

  • Drawing tools and supports: making of a reed pen, crafting inks, preparation of tinted paper and silverpoint grounds
  • Renaissance drawing techniques and modelling methods: silverpoint, ink and pen, washes
  • Panel preparation: choosing supports, priming and smoothing surfaces
  • Underdrawing: transferring the preparatory design, making the underdrawing
  • Gilding: process of applying golden-leaf grounds and different ways of gilding
  • Painting materials: pigments and binders, their properties and uses, preparation of the binders and grinding pigments
  • Egg tempera painting: the methodology of egg tempera painting, ways of applying paint layers, modelling volumes, mixing colours, etc.
  • Tempera grassa and introduction to oil painting: emulsion and oily binders, their advantages and usage, combination of egg tempera and oil painting

To learn more about course contents, check out the Renaissance Painting Techniques Course website.

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