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Luisella Arrais

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Luisella Arrais

Jewellery Designer

Picasso said, “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up”. I have always wanted, thanks to jewellery design, to teach how to create forms, objects, non-existent and imagined jewellery, hidden inspirations, primordial ideas elaborated and transformed. In my students, I see the child artists and the unexpressed potential to be brought out in all its strength. So I push for this to occur, to find inspiration to create the jewellery that best suits their personality. I see the adult who returns to being a child, and with enthusiasm moulds their idea and transforms it into the art of jewellery.

Everyone feels awkward and stuck at first, I try to make my students feel at ease, helping them along their journey. Many do not believe their eyes when their ideas turns into designs and objects.

They thank me, but I tell them to thank themselves, as they are the creators of the work. And at the same time I thank them, for the trust they have placed in me… -Luisella Arrais

Laboratories tutoring:

Jewellery Design Laboratory I and II


An expert in jewellery, designer Luisella Arrais was born in Sardinia. She graduated in Accounting but realized that it was not her calling and very young she fell in love with Florence and decided to move to the city.

She continued her studies, devoting herself to jewellery, and attended the Istituto Statale d’Arte (State Institute of Art) and became an art teacher specialising in jewellery making. She specialized in the field of design with various regional courses and took a further specialization in computer-based jewellery design.

In 2000 she started teaching jewellery design in private schools in Florence, including Fuji Art Studio and Metallo Nobile Jewellery School. Shortly afterwards, she created her own studio under the name of Studio Arrais, offering specialized courses in jewellery design. Throughout the last twenty years, she has organized exhibitions with students from all over the world. Her students win national and international competitions every year. She currently lives between Sardinia and Tuscany, two cultures and realities that perfectly intertwine and complete each other.