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Susana Miranda

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Susana Miranda


I like to draw the human figure because it is alive and each person has a message written on their skin, in their gaze and even in the way they move. Fashion is also a form of expression and it is our second skin; it is the reason I am so attracted to the combination of these two disciplines.

With this course, I try to make each student lose their fear of the blank page and experiment with the tools I offer to find their own style. –Susana Miranda

Laboratories tutoring:

Freehand Fashion Illustration


After training as a fashion designer in Madrid, she obtained a scholarship and moved to Milan where she graduated from the prestigious Istituto Artistico dell’Abbigliamento Marangoni. She then completed her studies with a course in Fashion Illustration by Paolo Parente.

For more than twenty years, Susana Miranda worked as a fashion designer in a large Spanish textile company, until she made the decision in 2010 to devote herself solely to illustration. She graduated in Animation at the ESDIP school of drawing in Madrid, illustrates books for various publishers, performs private commissions and participates in various exhibitions.

Specializing in watercolor on paper, she is also fluent in other techniques and media such as acrylics and wood or digital design with Photoshop and Procreate.