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Studying Art at Laboratorio

The book art laboratories are designed for students wishing to focus their future on the world of contemporary bookbinding.

In these laboratories, you will work in a stimulating training environment where creativity, innovation, originality and excellence are encouraged and developed.

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Why choose this course at Laboratorio Firenze?

As perhaps you know, Florence is one of the most important cities in the history of paper, both in Italy and in Europe, and boasts the best artisans in the world. A very significant example of this ancient art is the famous “marbled paper” (or Florentine paper). It is a long-standing tradition in this city, each sheet of paper is unique, folded and sublime in colour. In Florence, you can visit and participate in laboratories where this wonderful tradition has been followed for centuries and you can learn the techniques to develop professionally and position yourself among the best.

As well as being the cradle of the Renaissance, Florence has a worldwide reputation in the world of fashion and art, perfectly intertwining tradition, contemporaneity and modernity.

You will even have the possibility, in different phases of the course, to work in a company or organization in this field, collaborating with them and developing business projects where you will acquire the necessary experience to organize events focused on the exhibition of your works.

You will learn traditional and modern techniques, studying the different techniques and their distinguished masters. You will share a unique space with artists from different disciplines where you can discuss ideas and projects.

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Tutor: Tamara Ronci

Laboratory Description

During our laboratories, students will learn different practical techniques, both traditional and non, for bookbinding and the creation of artist books.

Through the study of each of the parts that make up the book as an object, students will learn the infinite possibilities it offers as a means of expression.

Perhaps the most important feature of the artist book is its capacity to contain the most diverse techniques for creating both images and text.

In this course, we will explore artist books as a complete object, as an empty space in which to channel our emotions, our most intimate research. “Artist books can be functional, sculptural or both at the same time, in colour or it can have tears and rips inside.

The methodology followed by artistic bookbinding can be very useful in teaching children, because through paper you can create unique worlds with which to bring stories to life, and through it you can teach children to concentrate on freedom of expression, a unique feature of the art world.

Learning about artistic connections implies learning a set of techniques, from content to form.

In this course, you will acquire everything you need to develop a professional career in the world of artistic bookbinding and you will learn the necessary skills to use each of the techniques to your liking. On completion of the course you will receive a certificate and a diploma attesting to your knowledge and the level you have reached.

Subjects & Duration

Basic one-month course (24 hours) or two weeks

  • The basics (introduction to materials, paper, instruments)
  • Brief history of the artist books
  • Techniques: folded books (by making cuts and incisions we can transform a piece of paper into a book)
  • Paper decoration techniques: orizomegami (folding and dyeing paper)
  • Simple sewing with thread and glue

The course can be attended both those who have no experience in the world of bookbinding but wish to start learning and by those who wish to deepen their existing knowledge on the subject.

Semester courses (3 months)

  • Basics (introduction to materials, paper and tools)
  • History of artist books (e.g. Munari, Matisse, Duchamp)
  • Book components (examine an existing book to understand what its elements are and to create a personal structure)
  • Paper decoration techniques: orizomegami, rubber stamping
  • Folded structure
  • Glued structure
  • Wired structure
  • Zine (art zine, small folded magazines, a group project will be realized)

The course is aimed at both beginners and advanced students.

The technical level of each student will be determined through an interview (except for the fanzine where a shared project will be carried out).

Portfolio (one month or two weeks)

In this course, students will learn how to create a book with their own material. It can be a folder of ideas, a notebook in which to illustrate their work or a sample book.

  • Basics (introduction to materials, paper tools)
  • Sketchbook (works of the past expressed through the ideas of the present)
  • Folders

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