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Tamara Ronci

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Tamara Ronci

Artist Bookbinder and Printmaker

Artistic bookbinding is the space where my prints are decomposed and recreated into three-dimensional structures; conquering the space to become an everyday part of life.

The paper fragments are sections that integrate sketchbooks and notebooks until they are considered true artist’s books.

Experimentation, technique and discipline are released and become true paper sculptures.

Intelligent hands, guided by a capable mind, armed with the tools of the trade, work on the anatomy of the book to be able to continue perpetuating this ancient trade, always with a touch of modernity. – Tamara Ronci


Her artistic career, which began at the Porta Romana Institute of Art, revolves around the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence; and it is here, first as a student and then as a laboratory assistant and external teacher, that Tamara Ronci learns and consolidates her greatest passions: ancient engraving techniques, art publishing and illustration.

After graduating in Graphic Arts in 2015, she starts a parallel journey and immerses herself in the world of bookbinding, going from classical techniques to the most modern ones with the art of origami, collaborating with a private art school for American students. It is precisely from this independent path, fruit of personal research, that she comes into contact with American artists and teachers of engraving and bookbinding. Merging and choosing the best of both cultures, starting from the canons of a classical art city like Florence and through the free experimentation of a culture like the American one. Mixing the classical and the contemporary in her work.

After taking part in various exhibitions and competitions since 2018, she holds workshops in artistic bookbinding at the Academy of Fine Arts and other art studios in Florence.